Nikolic: "Djokovic met Sinner feverish but he didn't create a media storm"

Luka Nikolic, linked to the champion's team, revealed the health conditions (not confirmed by Djokovic) of the Serbian in the Australian Open semi-final lost against Sinner

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Nikolic: "Djokovic met Sinner feverish but he didn't create a media storm"
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For many media, insiders and fans, the fundamental victory for Jannik Sinner came in the semi-final against Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis player had not lost in 33 matches in Melbourne and had always triumphed in the semi-finals that he played at the Australian Open. Nole seemed physically subdued in the match against Jannik, who literally blew the Serbian champion away with a monstrous performance.

In the last few hours, however, rumors have arrived directly from Serbia regarding Djokovic's physical condition in the Australian Open semifinal lost to Sinner. Serbian journalist Luka Nikolic, linked to the team of the 24-time Slam winner.

"Djokovic had a fever before the semi-final. Nole had been ill for three weeks, a bit like what happened with Alexander Zverev, and that's why he played badly in the first two sets. He was weak but he didn't want to go to the doctor, he didn't want to create a media fuss," he explained.

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Djokovic, according to the Serbian media, would therefore have been forced to play not at 100%. Obviously this is news not confirmed by the ATP No.1. It is not the first time that words have come from Serbia regarding Djokovic's condition after his defeat. He had also talked about it after the final lost against Carlitos Alcaraz at Wimbledon and in that case Pilic, a former member of Nole's staff, declared: "If Novak had played at his level he wouldn't have lost."

It is therefore not clear if they are rumors or if it is really the truth: but in the end the results on the court count and Djokovic had to surrender to the talent expressed by Sinner.

Sinner's super victory

The world number four has brought the Slam back to Italy after a very long wait and is the first Italian in history to have won the Australian Open. The 22-year-old champion continues his magical moment, after the ATP Finals where he only surrendered in the final and the historic victory in the Davis Cup achieved something extraordinary in Melbourne.

It's true, after the great final of 2023 there were great expectations, but Sinner lived up to those expectations and beat three Top 5 tennis players from the quarter-finals onwards, namely Andrey Rublev, Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev.

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