Djokovic's PTPA claims Halep didn't "really win" despite major sentence reduction

Find out why Halep didn't obtain much of a victory in court.

by Claudiu Pop
Djokovic's PTPA claims Halep didn't "really win" despite major sentence reduction
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After Simona Halep successfully reduced her ban from four years to 9 months, the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), co-founded by Novak Djokovic, explained why Simona Halep didn't obtain a true victory in court because she lost time, reputation, and many other assets.

At the beginning of their statement on Halep's successful appeal published on social media, PTPA reiterated their support for players. "As indicated by our principles, the PTPA staunchly supports all players' due process, appellate rights, and access to a fair and logical anti-doping system," the organization wrote.

Then, the organization went on to criticize the system that brought Halep's unfair ban. "The Court of Arbitration for Sport's decision to reduce Simona Halep's ban from four years to nine months underscores the need for sensible reform to an unjust system that fails to protect these rights.

Simona has already faced 17 months of a provisional suspension and loss of ranking, prize money, reputation, and other irreparable damages. Her successful appeal will not make up for that lost time," PTPA emphasized.

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Also, Djokovic's organization didn't fail to end their statement by pointing out their support for the former Wimbledon champion in her legal fight. "The PTPA has worked with Simona and her team throughout the last year, and we look forward to continuing to support them as they return to competition.

We remain committed to collaborating with the ITIA and pushing for logical improvements and increased accountability to a process that continues to show its immense flaws. A more just and logical system must be implemented for the benefit of all," PTPA ended their statement.

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PTPA director on Halep's CAS victory: "Nobody really won here"

PTPA's executive director Ahmad Nassar pointed out on X that Halep shouldn't be regarded as a winner, despite her successful appeal.

"First and foremost, we are glad Simona finally cleared her name. But’s refrain from calling it a “win”. Nobody really won here. She doesn’t get the last 1.5 years back. She doesn’t get rankings points and prize money back.

And, the kicker, CAS ruled that Simona’s suspension ended last July…anyone have a time machine?? This has to change. And we will work to change it," Nassar wrote.

As we recently reported, Halep's sentence was reduced because the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) ruled that Halep's anti-doping violations "were not intentional" and confirmed that Roxadustat entered her body through a contaminated supplement.

According to the judges, Halep did indeed "bear some level of fault or negligence for her violations," it was also determined that "she bore no significant fault or negligence for her violations."

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Simona Halep announced her victory on social media with a lengthy text and pictures showing Simona holding her Grand Slam trophies.

In the post, Simona counted the three major decisions taken by the court, shared her emotional state at the moment, and showed her eagerness to come back on the court. Besides, she also thanked everyone who supported her throughout her tough legal battle.

"The overwhelming backing from so many Romanians has also fortified my resolve, enabling me to champion this cause to a rightful and honorable conclusion.
Looking forward, I am eager to turn this page and rejoin the tour with renewed vigor and an invigorated spirit.

With love and gratitude, Simona."

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