Coco Gauff reveals shot she 'modeled a lot' after Novak Djokovic

Gauff showed some respect and appreciation for Djokovic after her Miami third-round win.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coco Gauff reveals shot she 'modeled a lot' after Novak Djokovic
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American tennis star Coco Gauff reveals she modeled her backhand "a lot" after Novak Djokovic and also provided an insight into her backhand technique. 

After dismantling Oceane Dodin 6-4 6-0 in the Miami Open third round, world No. 3 Gauff was asked if American tennis icon Chris Evert had any impact on her. Answering the question, the 2023 US Open champion admitted that she didn't watch a lot of Evert's tapes growing up because the 69-year-old is from a completely different era and style of tennis. 

But 20-year-old Gauff acknowledged that she has gotten to know Evert and also spoke very highly of the former 18-time Grand Slam champion's personality and the on-court style she was rocking back then. 

After showing major respect and appreciation for Evert, Gauff also paid the ultimate respect to Djokovic's backhand - which is widely considered one of the best shots in men's tennis. 

"I think once I turned pro is when I watched a little bit more of her old tapes. It's definitely a different game. I wouldn't say I modeled my backhand after hers. Well, my team tried, then I tried to model it after Novak Djokovic a lot. That's where that inspiration comes from," Gauff said.

Coco Gauff
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Gauff on her backhand technique

When asked if she is using her left hand more than her right hand when hitting on the backhand side, Gauff shared that she was taught to use more her left hand when going for that particular shot.

"I think for me, my backhand most of the time when I'm making corrections if I miss it in the net, I'm always saying to use more left hand," Gauff said.

"Everybody is different. I don't know. I've been taught to use more of your left hand on the backhand. The right kind of helps you get the power, but the left is definitely what you use for the control and to change the height and everything.

"I would say the left hand if you want to have diversity in your backhand is the most important for beginners trying to do a two-handed backhand."

Coco Gauff
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Meanwhile, Gauff's Miami run ended on Monday with a three-set round-of-16 loss to Caroline Garcia.

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