Marta Kostyuk pulls off Novak Djokovic's iconic joke after big win over Coco Gauff

Kostyuk was in the mood after edging out Gauff in Stuttgart as she recreated Djokovic's iconic press moment.

by Dzevad Mesic
Marta Kostyuk pulls off Novak Djokovic's iconic joke after big win over Coco Gauff
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Marta Kostyuk pulled off an iconic Novak Djokovic joke following her Stuttgart quarterfinal win as the Ukrainian tennis player described her recent run of three consecutive semifinals as "not too bad."

If you remember well, record 10-time Australian Open champion Djokovic delivered a viral moment during one of his press conferences at Melbourne Park a few years ago. Starting his question for Djokovic, Italian reporter Ubaldo Scanagatta was telling the Serb: "Novak, congratulations, seven Australian Opens, 15 Slams..." when the world No. 1 interjected and said with an Italian accent: "Not too bad." 

Kostyuk, who was a finalist in San Diego in late February and also a semifinalist in Miami last month, made her third consecutive semifinal in Stuttgart after edging out Gauff 3-6 6-4 7-6 (6). 

When asked about her run of three consecutive semifinals, Kostyuk funnily replied: "Okay, not too bad (smiling)."

Marta Kostyuk
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Kostyuk gets serious about making three consecutive semifinals

For 21-year-old Kostyuk, this is some of the best tennis she played in her career. On Friday, Kostyuk clinched a very notable win over 2023 US Open champion Gauff and it took her eight match points and nearly three hours of play.

Marta Kostyuk
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"Well, definitely means a lot, because, you know, to be consistent in tennis, it takes a lot of work and a lot of discipline. You know, everything around you has to work really well," Kostyuk said.

"So I'm glad with, you know, how we're kind of, you know, keeping it together, and in the same time, you know, like I didn't even know it's my third semifinal, third straight semifinal, because I take every match, like, by match. I don't focus on the result.

"You know, I was coming here and I was, like, okay, this is my first event on clay, and I'm prepping for Paris here or for bigger tournaments. Because you need to use some tournaments to not have this kind of pressure that it's a big one, you need to perform really well here.

"So I'm taking this tournament the same, like match by match. It's incredibly difficult and one of the strongest tournaments in the world, so yeah, it's amazing to be in the semis here."

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