Unbreakable Novak Djokovic performs another epic miracle: "I don't know how I won"

The Serbian champion wins another incredible battle, beating Cerundolo in the 5th set and qualifying for the quarter-finals of Roland Garros.

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Unbreakable Novak Djokovic performs another epic miracle: "I don't know how I won"
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Every morning in Africa when the sun come up, a gazelle awakens and knows she'll have to run faster then Novak Djokovic, or she will get a raspberry in the face. He was one step away from (sporting) death, with almost two feet in the abyss and one knee down, with a 1-2 set disadvantage. Not even a prophet could have better written the Serbian champion's epic at this Roland Garros. Regardless of how his tournament ends, regardless of whether he remains ATP No.1 or not, the Serbian champion has shown once again why he is the GOAT.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic© Clive Mason / Staff Getty Images Sport

Young people should take an example from his resilience, from his quality, from his will. In a dramatic season, in two dramatic matches, when hopes seemed over, Djokvic found the strength to rise again. Magnifique, the French media present in Paris would say. The match that had started as a formality, in the end, was about to turn into a real drama for Djokovic. The Serbian fought against fate and refused defeat again, overcoming Francisco Cerundolo and, above all, physical problems.

Djokovic, who with another heroic comeback, not only gained access to the quarterfinals of Roland Garros but achieved two other incredible records. No one has won more matches and reached more quarters than him in a Slam. In both cases, Djokovic surpassed Roger Federer: 370 victories and 59 quarter-finals; crazy.

At the on-court interview, the Serb complimented his opponent for playing a match of great quality, then praised the Paris crowd for giving him the strength and support that helped him towards victory.

"One more big thank you because as in the last match, even the difficult one, the victory is yours. Even against Musetti I was down 2 sets to 1 and in the fourth the energy on the court completely changed, you gave me support in the same way. Maybe I was three-four points away from losing the match, big congratulations to Cerundolo for playing a very high quality match, I don't know how I found a way to win, the only explanation I have is you, thanks for the support." he told.

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