Coco Gauff opens up on Novak Djokovic's injury

A serious injury forced Djokovic to withdraw from Roland Garros

by Simone Brugnoli
Coco Gauff opens up on Novak Djokovic's injury
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We all imagined it given the announcement of his retirement and unfortunately the injury suffered by the legendary Serbian champion Novak Djokovic is more serious than expected. The Balkan tennis player is undergoing surgery in these hours in Paris, for this reason he will not have the opportunity to play at Wimbledon and will try to recover (possible but not certain) for the Olympic Games always in Paris, a tournament that Djokovic has never won and a great seasonal goal.

Yesterday Djokovic announced his retirement at Roland Garros, thus giving up the possibility of going to the semifinals to the Norwegian Casper Ruud and officially signing the change of scepter in the ranking with Jannik Sinner the new number one in the world.

Novak Djokovic
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Nole announced yesterday: "I am really sad to announce that I have to withdraw from Roland Garros. I played with all my heart and gave it my all but I have to withdraw due to a laceration of the medial meniscus in my right knee".

A serious injury that has forced Djokovic to act with confidence and for this reason there will be an operation immediately.

Gauff on Djokovic's injury

An operation that as reported by the Serbian media is the most logical choice to speed up the healing process but will keep him out of action for at least four weeks.

Theoretically Novak Djokovic could try to play Wimbledon but he would be risking a lot, especially in view of the Olympics. Barring any resounding twists and turns, therefore, the tennis player will work directly for the Olympics, and Serbian physiotherapist Dobrosav Melajac reassured SportKlub's microphones, “It is unrealistic that Nole will be ready for Wimbledon, especially given the change of surface to grass, and he would definitely take risks.

Instead, I think Djokovic has plenty of time to prepare for the 2024 Olympic Games.” In short, no Wimbledon for Novak Djokovic, who will also lose several points in key Atp rankings. Head Straight to the Olympics. In a recent interview, Coco Gauff talked about Djokovic’s injury: "I watched this match against the last, like, two sets or three sets against Francisco Cerundolo. And Yeah. I mean, I saw that he was obviously physically struggling and I honestly thought, I think everybody thought, well not everybody, but I thought he was on the verge of losing," she said.”

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