Novak Djokovic makes one expected Olympic decision, won't go Rafael Nadal route

Serbian media issues the latest update regarding Djokovic's 2024 Paris Olympics plans.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic makes one expected Olympic decision, won't go Rafael Nadal route
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Novak Djokovic has decided to skip doubles and only take part in the Olympic singles event, according to the latest reports coming from Serbian media.

After Djokovic tore his knee meniscus at Roland Garros, there were concerns that the 37-year-old may not be able to play at the Paris Olympics but those fears were shut down earlier this week when the Serbian Olympic Committee included the record 24-time Grand Slam on their team for the upcoming Olympics.

Djokovic now may be expected to play in Paris but he still plans to play it safe and avoid putting too much load on his back - and that means focusing only on singles. For some tennis fans, the Serbian tennis superstar not playing in the Paris Olympics doubles event might be disappointing because Rafael Nadal is set to play alongside Carlos Alcaraz and some were hoping to see Djokovic and Nadal clashing in a doubles match as well. 

At the Tokyo Olympics, Djokovic played in the singles and mixed doubles events - he lost the semifinal and bronze medal match in singles, while he and Nina Stojanovic gave a walkover to Ashleigh Barty in the mixed doubles bronze medal match.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic© Getty Images Sport - Clive Brunskill

Djokovic has one and clear goal in his mind 

When the Paris Olympics start, Djokovic will be looking to accomplish one of his last tennis goals - and that's to add an Olympic gold medal to his collection. While Djokovic may not be as a strong favorite as he was at the Tokyo Olympics, the goal remains the same for him. 

"If I didn't think [a gold medal] was possible, I probably wouldn't be playing the Olympic Games. You have to believe that everything is possible in life," Djokovic said earlier this year.

"The Olympics Games are the oldest and most prestigious sporting event in the history of sport. It's a huge honor to represent Serbia at the Olympic Games. I hope I can be healthy and fit."

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