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Novak Djokovic joins chorus against Italian Open organizers!

Novak Djokovic joins chorus against Italian Open organizers!

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by Lorenzo Ciotti

In the post match press conference after beating David Ferrer, Novak Djokovic explained his nerves and his frustration during the semifinal against the Spaniard.

"Yeah, that’s the thing that I hope I’ve done better, not to get too frustrated! I don’t like to talk too much about the court, but people need to understand that at this level every single thing matters to us.

The court especially is the most important. The condition of clay, it’s obvious that the court is not where it was suppose to be in terms of conditions. Last year was better, this year as I understand, they started making the courts too late, only three weeks ago.

That’s not enough for professionals. I hope next year they will take a different approach and prepare it better," said Nole. "Once you have started on clay there’s no mach you can do. We have a couple of places on the court where the holes are really big, not only for the serve but after the serve, you can easily step in those holes and twist an ankle.

It’s dangerous to play in these conditions, for everybody. You can just fix the hole, but it is going to be bigger the next point. It all comes down to really accepting the conditions that are same for all. I just hope that for the sake of this tournament, which I love, that they will make sure that next year they take more time in preparing the court," concluded the Serb.

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