How Novak Djokovic Can Dominate For the Next Few Years

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How Novak Djokovic Can Dominate For the Next Few Years

Novak Djokovic entered into the double digits as he lifted his 10th grand slam title by winning the US Open. Only 6 other players have achieved more than the Serbian but in the manner the World No 1 is currently going, he is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

He may have a lot of catching up to do in order to reach the total of 17 – a record held by Roger Federer which remains the ultimate goal. But if the Serbian continues in the way he has done over the past few years, Rafael Nadal’s and Pete Sampras’s number of 14 major titles does not look very far away.

With the way he played throughout this year, the Serbian made grand slams look easy as he reached the final of all four major events in 2015 and only lost to Stan Wawrinka during the French Open in June.

However, Djokovic still managed to win three grand slams and is guaranteed to end the year as the World No 1 for the fourth time in his career. So will the Serbian be able to continue in the same manner in the coming years or will there be resistance from other contenders.
At 28, Djokovic has achieved everything in his career and with the way things stand currently, the Serbian looks ahead to two or three years of dominance.

Let’s be honest, The World No 1 has proved time and time again that even the best of rivals are no longer able to cope with his brilliance and his triumphant run of three grand slams in a year provides enough proof of it.

The closest rival, and the current World No 2, Federer is not getting any younger and he did provide a stern test to the Serbian in the US Open final, but in the end it was not enough. So will he be able to come back next season at the age of 35 and compete at the top level in the same manner, who knows but coping with Djokovic might prove too much.

Next in line is Andy Murray, who had a brilliant season in 2015 – especially after getting married but his grand slam record does not prove his claim. And the fact that he has not beaten Djokovic in a grand slam since 2013 is enough proof that the Scotsman may be good but he still does not have what it takes to hang with the Serbian.
Other challenger’s include Rafael Nadal and Kei Nishikori. While the Spaniard may have been a player of great stature and impeccable brilliance in his time, but currently he is at a loss for form and the same consistency which saw him rule the tennis world.

The Japanese icon might have provided potential in his runs last year but injuries have prevented him from really coming out of the blocks. So it can be safely assumed that with the way the Serbian has carried himself – his fitness and talent combined together will allow him to hold the throne for the next coming years.

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