Novak Djokovic: ´I am vegan!´

Tennis - The world no. 1 was not satisfied with his performance: ´All three sets when I was a break up, I allowed Steve to come back´

by Luigi Gatto
Novak Djokovic: ´I am vegan!´

Novak Djokovic beat Steve Darcis in straight sets today. While he was pleased with his win, he was not however satisfied with his overall performance today. According to Djokovic, 'There were things that I definitely didn't like in my game today. Too many unforced errors from the first or second shots in the rally.

All three sets when I was a break up I allowed Steve to come back in those sets and fight for, you know, fight for those sets, because I was managing to drop my serve very easily. So hopefully that's not going to happen in the following rounds.

The matches will get tougher, and, you know, it's kind of expected at the beginning that you are a bit rusty on the court, and hopefully things will get better.' He has been coached by Boris Becker since December 2013. When asked about the difficulty of working with former champions-turned-coaches, and the reason it's worked so well with Boris, Nole said, 'I think the top players try to find new ways of inspiring themselves sharing the experience and learning from the all-time greats.

We are very glad that he [accepted], because the last couple of years I had some great time with him, and learned a lot from the psychological point of view of how to handle things on the tour, on and off the court. He's somebody, who has personal experience of those particular ups and downs.

He did convey that kind of knowledge and energy and experience that he had in the past to me and to all the team. His contribution to the team is definitely big, and so everything works in harmony so far. How long it is going to go for, we don't know. We go year by year, and I'm glad that Boris wants to keep going.

So at the end of this year, we will see if he goes for another year.' The press conference ended with an interesting revelation about his diet. Nole, apparently, has stopped eating meat. '[I am] a pescatarian, a vegan, eating a little bit of fish here and there.

It's been almost a year. Almost a year,' he said. ALSO READ: Mats Wilander: ´The only diffference between Djokovic and Goffin? Novak wins everything´

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