Pete Sampras: ´Novak Djokovic is playing the best tennis of all time´

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Pete Sampras: ´Novak Djokovic is playing the best tennis of all time´

Interviewed by Msn Pete Sampras spoke about incredible Novak Djokovic's dominance in a different way.

'Now he is at his peak - Sampras said - He has been playing the best tennis of all time for two or three years. It's amazing what he did against Roger, he beat him at the US Open and twice at Wimbledon.

He reaches the final in every tournament he plays. His numbers are impressive as well as his consistency.' 'I did not see it coming - admitted Pistol Pete - Novak had ups and downs emotionally, now mentally he is a bull and if for a second he drops his level, he immediately takes it back.

Novak is complete, serves well, is very talented, he is one of the best for the way he moves. He is also funny to watch.' Guillermo Vilas spoke about Djokovic too in an article on Canchallena La Nacion.

The former Argentinean player is extremely respectful towards the World No. 1: 'I know he worked hard to get these results. Nole had a very difficult childhood, in a country characterized by the War, no one helped him.

You have to consider that there is not only one way to reach a goal, everyone follows his own path. He is a funny player, he always laughs, but when gets angry it's better not to be around. Sometimes he throws a racket because he does not like the way he is playing but he comes out from every difficult situation.

It's something he has in his mind, it's his mind that dominates everything. The first time I saw him it was in a match with Coria at the Roland Garros. I immediately realized he would become a champion.' ALSO READ: Adriano Panatta: ´Players used to be friends in the past, nowadays they are just opponents´