Boris Becker: ´Djokovic wants to beat record. He is so consistent because...´

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Boris Becker: ´Djokovic wants to beat record. He is so consistent because...´

Commenting the matches on BBC at the Queen's Club last week, Novak Djokovic's coach Boris Becker spoke about many interesting topics with the other commentators Sue Barker and Peter Fleming. 

According to the German coach, Djokovic's determination is the key. 'He wants it more - said Becker, who thinks the childhood days characterized by the War shaped his character. 'He suffered a lot. He went through hell and back when he was 10, 12, 14. I think when the core comes out for example in a Wimbledon final, he goes further every time.'

Djokovic has obviously some goals. Only Sampras, Nadal and Federer have more Grand Slam titles than him, and be the first on this list is one of the goals: 'He wants to break records, he wants to be better now than he was last year. There are many aspects of his games that have improved the last two or three years, I’m not going to give you too many details about that. But he has gotten better, and of course there are still a few things he needs to improve on.'

He could equal Sampras and Nadal with 14 Major titles already winning Wimbledon and US Open this year. If he does it, he will realize Calendar Grand Slam: 'Technically speaking he’s won four majors in a row, which you could call a Grand Slam - Becker added - [But] You want to win the four in one year.'

'I think it would be a lie to say that he wouldn’t watch the history of tennis. He’s aware that Roger won 17, he’s aware that Rafa won 14, that Sampras won 14. He’s aware that he’s now passing Laver and Borg and all that. Does he talk about it every day? Absolutely not. But I think he’s a student of the game. He wants to be part of the all-time greats, therefore he knows who won and how many times.'

The defense is the key for his game: 'I’ve never seen a player that plays defense better than Novak. Some of the balls he gets, how he puts defense to offense, it’s second to none. I think what he’s added is a bit of aggressiveness. A bit of going for the winners. A bit of improvement on the serve, and a bit of understanding that if you win the first couple of matches of a Grand Slam quicker you still have more energy in the semifinal or final.'

But which is The reason why Novak is consistently good over the years? Boris has the answer: 'He just puts everything into the practice. There is no practice that he is not intense. That mindset, that mentality, becomes reality for him.'

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