Novak Djokovic: 'I never felt unbeatable and I never will'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I never felt unbeatable and I never will'

Novak Djokovic is relieved he beat Milos Raonic in straight sets (7-6 7-6), but admitted he made his life complicated in the second set where he was up a break. 'It was a very close match', Djokovic admitted in press conference.

'I think very few points separated us tonight. It really could have gone either way. I was fortunate to get through the first set tiebreaker. I was down very early in both tiebreaks tonight. But I just managed to stay committed and put pressure on his second serves.

I knew once I get into the rally, I have a better chance to win the point. But I should have done my job earlier, to be honest. I'm not very pleased to drop my serve twice against Milos, especially the second time. I was 4-3, 30-Love, then just four pretty bad unforced errors.

Credit to him for really hanging in there, putting pressure, being aggressive, especially from the forehand. But, you know, I think I should have done better there.' In the semifinals of the US Open, he played an opponent who some people thought might not have been giving his full effort.

There have been more recent incidents. Asked how he feels the sport is managing these situations in general and what could be done, Djokovic said: 'Look, there is a certain department of ATP that deals with that. They have the authority obviously, the referees, the supervisors.

I guess there's certain rules in place that everybody's aware of and following. On the other hand, there are some points where a chair umpire or supervisor, especially a chair umpire at the match, needs to give his call, make a good I guess judgment, whatever he feels at that moment is appropriate, whether there is a hindrance, a lack of effort, et cetera.

I guess ATP council, governing body, leader I guess of all professional tennis players, is doing everything to recognize, I guess, these points and deal with them.' He had some dominant years in 2011 and 2015 especially.

Did he ever felt unbeatable? 'Well, I never felt unbeatable, and I never will. First of all, it's not my mindset. Second, I don't think it's fair to say you're unbeatable. There are few athletes ever in their career that have retired unbeatable.' We saw some nice pictures of him out in London.

How much of a release is it to be able to get out and do those normal things? 'Hyde Park is one of the nicest parks there is in this city. Because of its vastness, I guess you have so many different contents, the lake, nature, different amusement for adults and for children.

My son is here. Obviously I try to dedicate my time daily to him, at least in the morning. We take a stride. We play with the ducks and swans, ball, playground. It keeps me relaxed. It keeps me grounded, as well. I get to spend time with my family and him, quality time.

It's very important.' Milos Raonic gave credit to Djokovic: 'He played solid on all the breakpoints, except for maybe the set point at the end, he put in a first serve every single time. Those moments he stepped up and played well.

I just maybe hesitated a little bit too much. But overall I created a lot of opportunities. I did a lot of good things. A lot of things to be proud of.' Raonic felt Nole wasn't playing at his best level: 'Sometimes he slips up one or two points, sometimes he lets it be three points now.

I think that's the only difference. Before it would be very rarely you would see two successive poor points from him.' He now lost eight matches on eight against Djokovic winning only a set. Why he struggles so much? 'He puts more returns in than anybody else other than probably Andy.

But Andy's really picked that up over the past few months, whereas Novak has been doing that for a very long time.' ALSO READ: ATP FINALS - DAY 4 SCHEDULE: Murray can already qualify to the semifinals