Nedad Zimonjic: 'I won't be Novak Djokovic's new coach'

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Nedad Zimonjic: 'I won't be Novak Djokovic's new coach'

Nedad Zimonjic won´t be Boris Becker´s replacement in Novak Djokovic´s team. The 40-year-old doubles player, interviewed by the Serbian website Alo, clarified last week's rumors from his end. 'We’re not talking about being in his team because he knows very well that I want to play more,' Zimonjic said, adding that keep the same team for the next season was a good decision.

´Vajda has always been with Novak. The fantastic results that Novak had achieved in the last three seasons is not only because of Becker but because of the entire team. With Becker he had a successful co-operation. Novak is very advanced in the game, and he knows why he stopped cooperation.

He fulfilled all the goals that he set, he had a remarkable 2016, held all four Grand Slam titles, which is admirable.´ Zimonjic also thinks Nole will comeback stronger. ´I believe that Djokovic will become world no.

1 again after Wimbledon, because he is defending a lot more points than Andy Murray in the first half of the season. Novak deserves it and I think he will get back.´ ALSO READ: Here is what Federer, Djokovic and Kerber will wear at the Australian Open!