Novak Djokovic fined $2,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct

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Novak Djokovic fined $2,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct

Novak Djokovic was fined $2,500 by the ATP for hitting a spectator with a ball during the Doha final against Andy Murray on Saturday. In his post-match press conference, the Serbian player was said he was ready to accept any consequence for how he acted.

However, he clarified, 'I definitely didn’t want to hit the ball at anybody.

Just happened. Fortunate not to get a bigger fine. On the other hand, unfortunate to actually have that incident happen. I have to be more careful I guess in the future. Of course people get hit, especially in the first rows, from big serves and so forth.

It happens. It’s not the first time. This is something that definitely cannot happen from my side. I accept the consequence, absolutely.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal speaks about the GOAT Question: 'Well, I would say...'