Bogdan Obradovic: 'Djokovic has a conflit with himself, it's like he got lost in a wood'

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Bogdan Obradovic: 'Djokovic has a conflit with himself, it's like he got lost in a wood'

Hard words by Bogdan Obradovic towards the World No. 2 Novak Djokovic. The former captain of the Serbian Davis Cup team, who coached Novak when he was a junior player, spoke about the crisis that the Belgrade native is going through.

Obradovic spoke not only about Djokovic's mental difficulties but also physical's: he seems skinnier and skinnier, and is not so strong in the long rallies. 'In the last year he didn't practice for weeks and it's not good.

It came to a point where he practiced less. Then he started with funny diets, he meditated more than hitting the ball', Obradovic told AS. 'He doesn't have his normal routines anymore. In tennis changing racket changes your game.

Imagine if you change your mentality.' In February Djokovic said that for him nothing is more important than his family. 'Something changed in his mind. Roger Federer has four children, but keeps playing at the highest level.

Family is important, but you have to find a balance. It's like if he doesn't find the right way anymore and he got lost in a wood.' It's not the real Djokovic on court too. 'Before he shouted, now there are matches when he doesn't show any emotion.

He doesn't have the competitive energy he had. He lost his energy. What do I think about the Mental guru Pepe Imaz? I knew about him a while ago. In a Segovia Challenger I had to coach some guys that had split with him. He was saying that he would have earned more money through mental training sessions.

Preparing your mind is okay, but then you have to hit millions of balls during practice. I have nothing against him, but in this crucial moment for Novak, not make him practicing or make him changing diet is not good. All these mental trainers are putting him pressure in order to make him think that this is the most important thing.

It's a disaster! If Phelps ate at his grandmother's house, he would enjoy it and would beat the World record. Novak is a great guy, but he is getting carried away from funny theories.' How is his relationship with him? 'Toni Nadal asked me it not a long time ago.

I replied him that Novak had a conflict with himself, not with me. I only make him see his conflicts. I have no problems with him. I said him it: 'You can be angry, but there wom't be tournament, court or locker room where you cannot ignore me, say that you don't want to see me'.

He knows from the depth of my heart that I want the best for him. I feel for him, but I will always say him what I do think. If am I available to help him again? I will always be there for him whatever he needs.' Last question: will Nole be at his best level again? 'I am the one who generated this conflict in Nole.

I want to make him waking up. Now we will see how he reacts. He is eating meat, which is good... we will see how he will evolve.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic trains ahead of Davis Cup... on clay-courts