Novak Djokovic: 'In the end it was terrible, almost unplayable'

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Novak Djokovic: 'In the end it was terrible, almost unplayable'

Playing when it was a little bit and a little bit night didn't help Novak Djokovic in the third set against David Goffin. 'It's just unfortunate I missed my chances in the beginning of the third set to go a double break up.

Yeah, in the end, that side, yeah, it was terrible. It was almost unplayable. Unfortunately, yeah, I mean, it resulted that way', the World No. 2 said. He lost the first set 6/2. What happened? 'I started slowly probably because I played two long matches.

But I thought as the match progressed I was feeling okay. I was physically fine. We had a lot of exchanges, a lot of rallies. David is playing very quick. You know, he's a fast player. I thought I played very, very well for a set and a half, from the start of the second set.

Then that unfortunate game when I dropped my serve, the match turned around. I had my chances, I definitely did. I just didn't use them.' Nole feels he is improving: 'I'm doing everything that I can to play well.

I think I'm playing better than I have in first couple months of the year. So that's a positive. But clay is very particular surface that requires, of course, a lot of practice, a lot of movement. Hopefully I'll get those in the weeks to come.' Nole got a time violation towards the end of the match after a 27 game shots.

He doesn't agree with the umpire's decision: 'There should be maybe a little bit more tolerance and understanding for certain situations like that one, where it was very long point, 6-5 in the third. But I guess I can't say too much about it. I just got disturbed by that light.

On 4-3 I lost that serve. On that side, it's kind of hard to find timing when somebody's kind of putting directly flashlight in your eyes. You can't find the timing very much. Both of us struggled on that side. He managed to hold serve on 5-All from that side, which was a great effort from him.

But I couldn't. That's all.' Asked if he will play his next tournament in Madrid or if he will add other events to his schedule, Djokovic replied: 'No, I wasn't planning to play a tournament. I think it's going to stay that way. But we'll see.'