Djokovic: 'I will have another coach. I've not been eating meat since 2015'

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Djokovic: 'I will have another coach. I've not been eating meat since 2015'

Novak Djokovic will hire a new second coach after hiring Andre Agassi in May. In an interview to Serbian media at the Roland Garros after the win over Albert Ramos, the World No. 2 revealed what characteristics the main coach will have.

'I have a list of names but I don't want to say anything,' Djokovic said. 'I and Andre, who is a mentor and top coach, will take the decision, because I will spend more time with him than Andre. We spoke with a person and I hope that the situation will be clearer at Wimbledon or just after.

It needs to be a man who can have our tennis and life view. We need to take in consideration everything because I am not the same player and person I was before becoming father. There were many changes, now I have a family, many committments, a different life rhythm and the new coach needs to respect and understand it.

He has to be a coach at the highest level, preferibly younger so that he can have more Energy. He needs to understand my mental situation on court, my preparation, the travel, the time where I need to recover.' An hot topic in the last months was about his weight that seems to be less than the past.

'When things do not go well and results are not the same as the ones I got in the last seven or eight years, it's normal to criticize. I respect everyone's opinion but I focus on myself, my evolution and how to work in order to win again.

I don't want to speak too much about it, because people may read on newspapers and say something without knowing what it is about and what the person is going through. I haven't been eating meat since August-September 2015, both for ethical and health reasons.

I eat fish and eggs though. At the moment I don't want to eat meat again.' Asked if Serbia can be a better country if he comes back at the highest level, Djokovic replied: 'I always received unconditional love from my country, where I feel a special feeling when I come back, despite I have not been living there for ten years.

I will always have a great relationship with Serbia, but I do not need any school and monument to be named after me. Like everyone, I make mistakes in my life too and I learn from them, and I try to represent the right values transmited by my parents and people who contributed to my development.' Meanwhile asked if he is available to coach Djokovic, Goran Ivanisevic, who just split with Tomas Berdych, replied: 'I already said it...

Novak Djokovic is like Real Madrid, and if Real Madrid calls... I don't know any person who would refuse Djokovic. However there hasn't been any contact so far.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic to play three events and Davis Cup until September