Djokovic's mother: 'Little Tara reminds me a lot of Novak'

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Djokovic's mother: 'Little Tara reminds me a lot of Novak'

Dijana Djokovic is a proud wife, mother and now grandmother, too. Novak Djokovic's mother, in a recent interview to Blic, spoke about the recent additions to their family, her grandchildren: three-year-old Stefan and baby Tara, who was born in September. 'I love little girls. My life’s desire was to have a daughter. I have three beautiful sons and Tara now has filled that gap,'  Dijana said about her granddaughter. 'I was the happiest when Tara was born. She reminds me a lot of little Novak.

Dijana had some great words for little Stefan, who she said was a wonderful and an obedient boy. 'Every moment spent with him is a real pleasure.  He is a bright and a smart kid. He can speak Serbian and English. He impresses me when he says: ‘Grandma, let’s sit down to catch up with the two of us’.'

The 12-time Grand Slam champion is known for his gluten-free diet and attention for health. And he cares about his dear ones too. 'Every day we speak and he tells me to lead a healthy life. He cares for me and tells me to keep an eye on my diet and to sleep regularly. Nole is currently recovering, enjoying with family. Of course, he is working on himself, he has some conditional training and we hope that he will return to the court next year.'

Djokovic is expected to return to the Tour in December 2017, at the Abu Dhabi exhibition event.

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