Djokovic about bombings: 'We were running outside in the middle of night'

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Djokovic about bombings: 'We were running outside in the middle of night'

In an interesting interview to Lewis Howes in United States, Novak Djokovic recalled the time when he was a kid and had to deal, along with his family and his country, with NATO Bombings. Djokovic described the scenario in a very accurate way: 'That feeling of insecurity, helplessness is terrible because we, as human beings, like to have control of environment, of where we live, what we're gonna do, and this was completely taken away from us, and there was this higher power from above that we could not do anything to anybody.

I heard (bombs) everyday, of course we were afraid, we were running to the shelters. My father's sister, so my aunt, she lived with her family, about three, four hundred feet away from our building, and her building had on the ground shelters, and our didn't.

So literally for every night, for a couple of weeks, we ran like around 2:00, 3:00 AM, that's when the bombs started, that's when we were going there. So we just wake up, pack our things, cry a little bit, scream, and just go there.

It's obviously the middle of the night, darkness.' He also spoke about his lowest point mentally. It was in 2010, when he lost to Jurgen Melzer at Roland Garros quarters after leading two sets to love. Djokovic wasn't really sure about whether keep playing tennis: 'For me being World No.

3 or 4 in the World wasn't enough. When I was seven, eight years old, my life goal was always to be No. 1 and win Wimbledon. I remember going to my parents (after the match), I cried, I didn't know if this was worthy, if I should keep going.

And my father was like: 'Toughen up'. I was like Okay, but it wasn't enough. I felt I needed to think about it more. So I went to my coach Marian Vajda (and team), and they are like Ok, take your time, let's first breathing, let's calm down, let's look back.

Why did you start playing this sport, do you love it? Do you really like holding racket? Actually I do. I like playing, whether it's Grand Slam finals centre court or a normal public court. After that I won Davis Cup, it was one of the highlights of my career, and then I went into having 43 matches won in a row.' ALSO READ: Radek Stepanek's partnership with Novak Djokovic inching towards reality? .