Novak Djokovic: 'On Andre Agassi's suggestion, I pursued Radek Stepanek'

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Novak Djokovic: 'On Andre Agassi's suggestion, I pursued Radek Stepanek'

Novak Djokovic announced that Radek Stepanek is his new main coach through an hilarious video on Instagram. Both of them spoke in detail about the new partnership for the 12-time Grand Slam champion's official website.

'Radek is one of my very close friends on the tour and I was always impressed with his level of determination, passion and love for the sport,' Djokovic said. 'The fact that he just recently retired at the age of 37 speaks volumes of his love for the game. He has lot of experience and knowledge, and he has played on a high level for many years. I am excited to join our forces together and cannot wait to compete again having a new team to back me up.'

Agassi is expected to help Djokovic mostly in the Grand Slams, but they (Agassi and Stepanek) will co-operate together in order to bring out the best out of Djokovic in all aspects. 'On Andre’s suggestion I pursued Radek, therefore I am sure the two of them will work well together. The new season is about to start and there is a long way to go back to where I left off. We are aware that I need to go step-by-step, not hurrying anything. I feel much better now, and I can’t wait to play matches again,' said Djokovic, who will play Abu Dhabi exhibition, Doha and Australian Open, while the rest of the schedule is yet to be confirmed.

'I’m honored to be a new member of Novak’s team,' said Stepanek, who retired from tennis a few weeks ago due to a chronic back injury. 'It is a new and exciting challenge for me, which I’m looking forward to and I believe that as a team we can help Nole to reach his goals. As longtime friends off the tennis court, I believe that our friendship and similar views will translate onto the court as well, and we will share some memorable moments together.'

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