Radek Stepanek says money not the 'main motive' for coaching Djokovic

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Radek Stepanek says money not the 'main motive' for coaching Djokovic

Interviewed by Czech media, Radek Stepanek spoke about his new relationship with the 12-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic. The former world no. 8, who earned $11 million in his career as prize money, admitted that in some ways he was attracted by money: 'It took me a little time to think about the offer, which is financially interesting.'  However, Stepanek also quickly specified, 'But, the money in this case is not the main motive. It is not only a great honor for me to work with Novak, but it is also a great responsibility.'

The former Czech player will be co-coaching and teaming up with Andre Agassi who, by his own choice, isn't paid by Djokovic. 'As I always wanted to be the best possible tennis player, so I will try to help Novak reach his maximum. Andre will only come to the biggest competitions, and I will work on a daily basis. We have already talked to each other and I immediately feel that we are in the same wavelength. The most important thing is to understand each other and to know what we want,' said Stepanek.

Djokovic is training in Monte Carlo, with a new racquet. 

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