Here is the new amazing penthouse bought by Novak Djokovic in Belgrade

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Here is the new amazing penthouse bought by Novak Djokovic in Belgrade

Novak Djokovic keeps spending and investing his money. The Serbian has recently bought a new penthouse in Belgrade, his native city, by 545,000 euros (equivalent to $675,000). In the same area, Novak has another apartment, that he gave to his friend and compatriot Filip Krajinovic.

The building extends over 250 metres and is one of the most expensive in New Belgrade. Three bedrooms, a big living room, kitchen, three baths, dining room, a guest bath, spacious parking lot, these are just one of the facilities that the building features.

On the terrace, that has a 100 square meters, a pool has been built, so that Stefan and Tara, Djokovic and his wife Jelena's children, will enjoy a lot. But a little patience will be needed: Djokovic is having the place totally renovated making it more modern and functional, in a natural and fascinating environment, standing in the Pavlovac Lake.

We know how much the 12-time Grand Slam winner likes the healthy and clean scenario, that's why he has choosen a place away from the chaos of the city, to relax and take a rest when he returns to his country, maybe after playing a tiring Grand Slam event or when he wants to train there.

'His house will be something special once works are finished, at night it will light up like Monte Carlo', a source close to the place said. Djokovic, who earned $110,000,000 career prize money so far (21 million of them just in 2015) lives and resides in Monte Carlo, but he spends several weeks during the year in Serbia.

He also owns houses in Marbella (Spain) where he goes in the spring/summer period, New York and Miami. ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic updates his 2018 schedule