Novak Djokovic: 'Federer, Nadal came back. I have to follow them'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Federer, Nadal came back. I have to follow them'

Novak Djokovic is currently in Belgrade, Serbia, where he is practicing with his coach Marian Vajda for the Madrid and Rome Masters. The world no. 12 had an interview for Novosti and spoke about his present situation. The 12-time Grand Slam winner admitted he is still a step behind mentally and physically.

About experiencing struggles in his comeback, Djokovic admitted, 'What I am living now, it's not easy. In my case, not only injuries were there, but there were also some changes in my game caused by injuries. Also I had many changes in my team, so everything affected my game.

Now I feel well physically, I don't have any pain but I am not as consistent as once. I am trying, but there is still something to be fixed in my game. What was routine before for me, now doesn't work and I have first to get used to it and then change my game.

I don't know when it will happen, I only have work and I hope that my fans and me neither will wait too much. The fire is still there inside me.' On staying away from the sport, Djokovic mentioned, 'At least unusual.

I was aware that patience was the only medicine, I had no doubts that I would be back, but I didn't know when and in which shape. Now it's clear that I am still away from my top, but I am aware that it takes a long process to improve my game's quality.

I have to play as most as possible. On the other side, the forced break gave me more time for family, I have two children tennis is not everything. A balance is needed in life. I was supported by my wife and family and I am grateful to them.

I am a happy man, both on the court and off. Well, on court less looking at my last matches but I am trying to comeback in the pre-injury situation. It's a new situation because I was never injured, but I am not the first to have it.

Rafa Nadal and (Roger) Federer had long breaks, came back and this is an example that I have to follow. I did some errors, I came back earlier than needed. The desire was stronger than the rational. Now I feel the post-surgery consequences.

I shouldn't have competed in the American swing. I didn't hurt my hand, but I wasn't ready for matches and I got losses that are the price to pay in my comeback.' Djokovic also spoke about his coach Marian Vajda and his fitness trainer Gebhard Gritsch's return in the team: 'I am very grateful to them for accepting the invitation to work again.

It is currently an agreement to be there until Roland Garros. We are hoping for the best.' He admitted: 'Confidence is lower than what it used to be, but it can come back quickly, few good matches, a good tournament.

I am trying to stay positive and I am extremely motivated.' Commenting on criticism around his diet – Djokovic is said to have turned vegan – he commented: 'I don’t want to make any comments on my diet as people are twisting things the wrong way.

I don’t read the news and it doesn’t affect me, but it affects those around me.' ALSO READ: Boris Becker defends Roger Federer from Ion Tiriac's criticism