Mats Wilander makes big claim about Novak Djokovic's future

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Mats Wilander makes big claim about Novak Djokovic's future
Mats Wilander makes big claim about Novak Djokovic's future

Mats Wilander approved Novak Djokovic's surprising possible decision to skip Wimbledon, that starts on July 2. The Serbian suggested he may skip the grass-court season, due to apparent physical issues, and Wilander thinks this is a good move.

Interviewed by Reuters, Wilander said: 'Well I guess he’s not ready physically. Maybe he is further away physically than... or maybe it’s a different approach, maybe he needs to not go on grass because grass is the ultimate confidence killer.

Even if you play well on grass the bounce is bad, it’s hard to find good practise courts, you can’t really move properly because you slip and slide and if you are really, really keen to get back to your best, which for him is the hardcourt season, logically you would not want to play on the grass.' Wilander thinks Djokovic could be refreshed mentally as well: 'Be home for a bit, maybe a break from hotels, go home and give yourself another month block of training time.

If he’s playing this well and he is at 80 percent which is what I’ve heard behind the scenes then give himself a chance to be 100 percent and then hope the mental part kicks in.' ALSO READ: Dominic Thiem says Rafael Nadal is 'very right' because of...

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