Novak Djokovic: 'Crowd was unfair, I reacted the way they reacted to me'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Crowd was unfair, I reacted the way they reacted to me'

Novak Djokovic doesn't think that Kyle Edmund should be considered a cheater. Criticism on the British player was raised after that he won a point although a ball on his side of the court bounced twice. ‘No, no, no.

I don’t think he deserves that,' the Serb said. 'Kyle is a very nice guy. I know him and have tons of respect for him, his team. We get along very well. Nothing against Kyle there. You couldn’t know. He was running towards the ball and he just hit it and he dropped his racquet.

He couldn’t know. Doesn’t deserve that.' Analyzing furthermore the match, Djokovic added: 'It was a Davis Cup-like atmosphere. I expected them to support Kyle, obviously. But at times, they were slightly unfair to me.

That’s how it goes. I thought the crowd’s reaction [to the time violation] was quite unnecessary. A couple of guys were coughing and whistling while I was bouncing the ball more or less until the end of the match.

Those are the things obviously that people don’t get to see or hear on the TV. I just think it’s not necessary. That’s what I didn’t like. In general, the atmosphere was as expected in a way because I played a home player.’ The 12-time Grand Slam winner also screamed towards the crowd.

Why did he do it? ‘If you were in my position, you would probably understand. Playing high-intensity matches where one serve or one shot can really swing the momentum one or the other side, obviously, there is a lot of accumulation of emotions, especially in the decisive moments of the set and matches.

Sometimes you express yourself in a positive or negative way. Of course, I don’t like when I throw a racquet or scream or whatever, but I have to accept that I’m a human being like anybody else, that I can feel the pressure as everybody else.

My interaction with the crowd, I thought had good things and not that great things. I just reacted the way I thought it was fair, the way they reacted to me,' Djokovic finally said. ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'The end is closer than ever'