Novak Djokovic can beat Rafael Nadal, suggests Kei Nishikori

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Novak Djokovic can beat Rafael Nadal, suggests Kei Nishikori

Earlier this week Andy Murray said that Novak Djokovic could defeat both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The Swiss already lost and it won't happen, but in the semifinals Nadal and Djokovic will face each other.

Asked if Djokovic can beat the Spaniard, Nishikori said: 'Yeah, for me he was playing very deep. He was going both side with his backhand, his forehand too. It wasn’t easy to play obviously. He was serving also very well in certain moments.

Yeah. Maybe he has good chance to win the tournament. You can see whole this week, he was pumping himself up. He was playing, you know, good tennis again. I’m sure he’s in good shape again. I think confidence is back for him.

Like I said, he was playing good tennis. He didn’t give me much free points. Maybe in the second set he was little bit down, but he came back again with strong tennis.’ Analyzing the match overall, the Japanese stated: ‘Well, maybe wasn’t my really best, but I thought I was playing good enough.

But, yeah, I think what he did really well is going forehand, backhand, both side. He was making me run all the time. Especially his backhand, he can go both ways. That gave me really trouble. Yeah, honestly it’s not easy playing Novak because I don’t have good records.

He makes me run every time. Yeah, I may had a couple chances, but he played a good whole game.’ ALSO READ: Rod Laver makes bold claim about Rafael Nadal playing on grass