Novak Djokovic can reach Roger Federer's 20 Major titles - Gustavo Kuerten

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Novak Djokovic can reach Roger Federer's 20 Major titles - Gustavo Kuerten

The three-time French Open champion Gustavo Kuerten predicts big things for Novak Djokovic by now until the end of his career, that according to the Brazilian is still far away. 'I think that Djokovic is getting back in his best shape,' said Kuerten, almost two weeks after the Serb's Wimbledon title. 'With 13 Major titles, he can see Nadal close to him and keep playing [to improve].

I think he can quietly play for six more years,' said Kuerten, who doesn't believe that Roger Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles record is unreachable for Djokovic. According to Kuerten, the short-term tennis future will still see older players in the spotlight: 'Until when they keep playing this way, they will win.' Speaking about his new role as Roland Garros Ambassador, Kuerten added: 'I believe it's a lot of -- sports, it's all about hopes, make people believe in their capacity.

And it's beyond the lines of the court. You know, it's been more attached to the feelings, to memories and the passion. I think that's the way I learn how to play. And I understand life better at the venue, basically the tennis court, and especially at this magical event.

So I try to recommend people if they like to play or watch, but for them to go a little bit deep and try to feel what's like. I believe for the ones who come around and have a look, even for one single day, they much more closely and they know what it is.

But back home sometimes, it's much harder. So I think it's wonderful. That's what we need on these days is be more connected, be more collective, passionate about it. That's the idea. As I said, it's not hard.

The French Open, all this already just so nice and so inspiring. It's just be part of a great venue that I can still make myself useful and part of tennis again.' ALSO READ: 2018 US Open Prize Money: how much could Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal earn?