Novak Djokovic not keen to give half of Wimbledon prize money to surgeon

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Novak Djokovic not keen to give half of Wimbledon prize money to surgeon

Novak Djokovic is very grateful to his surgeon who took care of his elbow in Switzerland in early February. Undergoing surgery was the key for the former world No. 1, who in a press conference after his straight-sets final win over the South African Kevin Anderson, said: 'I saw him yesterday and today before the match.

Of course, I'm very thankful to him and to his team for doing a great job. Half the prize money? It's a bit unlikely. Maybe something else. We'll see. We'll think about it. To answer your first part of the question, I mean, it's just a great honor to be in that elite.

Pete Sampras has 14 slams. He was, out of everyone that I looked up to, probably my biggest role model and idol growing up. To be just one step away from his record is quite incredible. To win four titles in this sanctuary of tennis is quite impressive, as well, so I'm very proud of it.' Backhand down the line is one of Djokovic's weapons.

Commenting on its importance, the world No. 10 added: 'I relied a lot especially on the early days of my professional career on that shot. Backhand down the line was and still is, probably one of the most important shots not just in my game but the game in general.

If you see, let's say, the structure of the point, regardless of the surface, statistically it's mostly backhand cross, someone runs around the backhand and hits the forehand, 1-2 punch. Most of the players are more comfortable in the backhand corner, so backhand down the line, if you're comfortable with that shot, if you have confidence in it, that can disrupt the rhythm and positioning on the court of your opponent a lot.

That definitely has been, if I can call it, a weapon of mine. But it's a tough shot to hit, as well. It's above the highest part of the net. It has to be timed well. You're right, for some time I wasn't really comfortable with that shot, but I felt like lately has been working well.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal:the players who earned the most