Novak Djokovic backs shot clock: 'I feel I have more time between points'

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Novak Djokovic backs shot clock: 'I feel I have more time between points'

Novak Djokovic backed the shot clock introduction after playing two back to back matches at the Toronto's Rogers Cup. Djokovic, who was often criticized for taking too much time between points as he used to make the ball bounce a lot, said: 'I didn't feel that it affected me in a negative way at all in those two matches.

In contrary, I actually feel like there is more time now than before because the shot clock starts counting down once the chair umpire calls the score', admitted the 31-year-old. 'Sometimes it takes several seconds before the chair umpire calls the score if it's a long exchange or a good point and the crowd gets in.

So I'm pretty comfortable with it. It's good that we have shot clock in the tournaments prior to the US Open. It's basically Toronto and Cincinnati and Washington have shot clock because of the decision of the US Open to introduce it to the main draw.

That's the reason why we have it.' Djokovic also backed the new Davis Cup format that should be introduced in 2019: 'Davis Cup is very historical competition, team competition in our sport, the only official team competition that we have in tennis, so far.

And lots of players in the last 15 years have talked about the urge to change the format. Because if you see the last 10 years, you know, the amount of times that the top players played Davis Cup, it was not very often. And it happens, you play one year, and then the next year you don't play.

It's just the scheduling of this kind of format so far has been pretty bad. And, you know, I was talking about it years ago, and I think that format needs to be changed. And I'm all in favor for that.' ALSO READ: Stan Wawrinka breaks silence, opens up on relationship with Nick Kyrgios