Novak Djokovic overtakes Roger Federer in career prize money list

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Novak Djokovic overtakes Roger Federer in career prize money list

Novak Djokovic has won $119,100,000 in career prize money, including $3,800,000 from his 2018 US Open win. The world no. 3 is the highest on-tennis court earner, ahead of Roger Federer, who has $117,700,000, and Rafael Nadal who has earned more than $102 million so far.

Djokovic won 71 career-titles, Federer has won 98. How is it possible that the Serb has more prize money? The prize money increased a lot over the years, clearly. Just think that in 2011, when Djokovic won his first Us Open title, the Belgrade native got "just" $2,300,000.

In an interview to BBC, the senior editor at Forbes magazine, Kurt Badenhausen, said: 'Federer might have been doing it for over 20 years but Djokovic's peak has been so recent when the prize has gotten so big.' However, Federer leads the way when it comes to earnings from endorsmements.

He earned $65 million in the last year just through his sponsors. 'Federer's endorsement portfolio is unparalleled across all the sport,' Badenhausen added. 'And many of these deals have struck out for 10-plus years.

He has got a few things going for him. One, he plays a global sport. Two, he's been at the top of his game for a very long time. Three, the demographics of tennis are incredible in terms of disposable incomes and people who are ready to spend money on watches, cars and equipment.

That's why you have marketers banging down doors to get into business with Roger Federer.' ALSO READ: Mouratoglou: 'I coached, but also Toni Nadal, Bajin coached on every point'