Djokovic better than Roger Federer at his best for consistency- Wilander

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Djokovic better than Roger Federer at his best for consistency- Wilander

Mats Wilander dropped a major praise on Novak Djokovic after the Serbian's win at the 2018 US Open, comparing him to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. 'His movement is so good. He knows he is gonna be in pretty much every rally all time.

And when his mind is there, focused, there is really no holes in his game. He is basically like a human wall. Even if he "only" has 14 (Slams), Nadal 17, Federer 20, in terms of the level of tennis being played consistently, I think Novak Djokovic has reached the ultimate.

Better than Federer at his best, better than Nadal at his best. 'We have to put it this way. He got to the finals of the US Open in 2007, there have been 48 Grand Slam tournaments since then including this one, he has been in the finals of 25 (23, footnote) of them.

And he wins two out of three of those, so if that keeps going, there you go. Two or three more years and he is gonna be catching Federer.' Wilander thinks del Potro will win other Grand Slams: 'I do because he is 29 years old, he has taken a few years off the tour, the game he plays is pretty physical but you can see Novak was at the net 36 times, he would not do it five or six years ago.

And I think del Potro will get better at the tactics. The mind is there, the weapons are there, and the more experienced he gets, the more of these matches he loses, he is gonna have to start changing something.' ALSO READ: Mouratoglou: 'I coached, but also Toni Nadal, Bajin coached on every point'