Novak Djokovic explains why Rafael Nadal often suffers injuries

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Novak Djokovic explains why Rafael Nadal often suffers injuries

Rafael Nadal is not competing in Beijing and Shanghai due to a knee injury, which is definitely not the first one in his career. Why does the Spanish player deal with physical issues so often? The Serb Novak Djokovic tried to give some reasons.

'He has a very physical game', Djokovic admitted. 'He slides a lot and spends a lot of energy on each shot. His joints, his body suffers a lot, and it's not easy. He's been playing this particular style of the game for over ten years on the highest level.

He has won so many Grand Slams, so many tournaments. He has improved over the years on hard courts, and he has -- you know, hard court probably for his body and his joints is his least-preferred surface. He he's a great competitor, a great fighter.

I have a lot of respect for him. It's probably because his game style is so physical that that's why the body suffers a lot.' How would Djokovic instead describe Roger's style and his durability by contrast? 'Well, I think it's obvious that Roger has a different kind of movement and different kind of game from Rafa.

Myself, as well. I would rate my game and my movement physicality closer to Rafa. I know we do a lot of slides and so forth, so it takes a lot of energy to do that. Where on the other hand you have Roger who sometimes plays so effortless and so smooth.

But, again, that doesn't mean that he's not spending any energy. Of course it's not easy, because the game has become more physical nowadays. Especially on the Grand Slams. It's not only physical energy that is necessary to be on high level.

It's also emotional. It takes a lot of effort emotionally and physically to be on top of your skills and game to perform well.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title