Novak Djokovic gets re-elected as ATP Player's Council President

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Novak Djokovic gets re-elected as ATP Player's Council President

Novak Djokovic has been re-elected as ATP Player's Council president for the second time in a row. The Serbian player had first covered this role in 2016, he cares a lot about the Tour, players appreciate it and the majority voted Djokovic to be at the top of the council.

The South African Kevin Anderson stays as Vice-President, according to what journalist Stuart Fraser said. In August the Rolex Shanghai Masters Tournament Director Michael Luevano had said that Djokovic and Andy Murray, who were part of the 2016-2018 council, did not want the Chinese event to become a 96-player draw and an 11-day Competition.

Luevano had said that he hoped things would change by this year's US Open with the new council, but Djokovic's thoughts are probably still the same ones. In press conference, Djokovic spoke about his Chinese language skills.

'I wrote my name down today because that's something that I know by heart. I remember it. The others I have to look back and see how I'm supposed to write them down', Djokovic said. 'I like characters that symbolize the good luck, you know, love, good fortune, those type of things.

My fans have given me those characters some days ago. I was not prepared. I came out on the test today not prepared, so I came up with one that I know, but as I said, if I get a chance, I will come up with a new one in a few days.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Someone will replace me and Roger Federer'