Novak Djokovic speaks about his unbelievable footwork

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Novak Djokovic speaks about his unbelievable footwork

In a recent press conference Novak Djokovic spoke about his unbelievable footwork. The 31-year-old is able to slide from one side to the other in a great way and he was asked about the "keys" to do it. 'It's hard work', Djokovic admitted.

'Any player is going to tell you the same. You have to dedicate your time to your career to analyzing your game, what you can do better. My game is based on the baseline, and I have to run a lot and be fit. I try to get at the net more and put some aggressivity in the game, but the base is there.

So I have to have good footwork. As I said, the last four, five weeks, the fitness was the priority. Now it's paying off.' Speaking about the key for not hitting a double fault, Djokovic said: 'I guess you got to make more spin, to be kind of more safe that you will put the second serve in.

You always try to get some spin. So on these courts which get a lot of bounce, would serve you. Sometimes I make variations with fast second serve, with slice. And depending on the situation, I guess depending on the player I play against.' Djokovic also spoke about the good and difficult challenges of tennis: 'It's individual sport.

It always makes you improve and get better on the court. The competition is bigger nowadays. I believe there is more players than maybe five, six years ago who are at the top and able to win major events. You could sense that in a way.

It became so professional, and so intensive. Everybody is taking care of what they eat, what they do off the court, on the court, the way they practice, how many hours they sleep. It becomes very, very professional. You could always expect results and improvements from all the players on the tour.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title