Novak Djokovic blasted by pundit for on-court behaviour

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Novak Djokovic blasted by pundit for on-court behaviour

At one point in his Rolex Paris Masters semi-final match against Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic threw his racquet and was booed by the crowd. It was a very tense match and the Serb showed his emotions. On Sky Sports, pundit Annabel Croft said she didn't like Djokovic's behaviour.

'It's been a couple of times that I've witnessed Novak's behaviour like that and it's always disappointing. It's also quite revealing about what must go on behind the scenes', said Croft. 'I can only imagine some of the temper tantrums and the way he speaks to some of his team.

He also has been honest to you in an interview in Shanghai where he said he may look calm on the outside but I'm often bubbling under the surface. We witnessed it at the US Open courtside. Many matches against Andy Murray I saw a lot of that emotion going back towards the support camp.

I don't like to see the way he screamed at them because whatever he was requesting, I don't think that was the way to ask for it. I also think it was revealing to the way Cilic got him to that point. 'I know how it feels when the crowd is against you and you’re like, "Why don’t you love me?" (It’s) maybe some Slovak thing.

(Ivan) Lendl was certainly not embraced. I wasn’t embraced for a long time and Novak should be getting a lot more crowd support than he gets. Yes, he can whine a little bit here and there but he’s such a good guy.

Works so hard and the crowd, for me, they have not been fair to him.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title