Rafael Nadal-Novak Djokovic Saudi Arabia exhibition match got cancelled

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Rafael Nadal-Novak Djokovic Saudi Arabia exhibition match got cancelled

Novak Djokovic revealed that the Saudi Arabia exhibition game with Rafael Nadal is not happening due to the foot injury that the Spanish player went through earlier this week. They were scheduled to compete on Saturday, December 22 but the event will be postponed.

‘It’s not happening', said Djokovic. Because of Nadal's surgery? ‘Yes', Djokovic replied. At the Rolex Paris, Masters Djokovic had said: ‘I don’t like to involve myself in any political exchange or situations.

And it’s unfortunate that we are both drawn into this right now. Right now we just don’t have obviously enough information, and we have to look into that a bit more and then we’ll make our decision soon.’ Roger Federer rejected a $1 million offer to play in Saudi Arabia.

He is focused on ATP Finals and eventually winning his 100th career-title which would be an incredible milestone. 'I think it doesn’t really matter where, as long as it is going to happen at one point', the Basel native said.

'That’s going to be exciting. Here it’s more about winning the World Tour Finals. I love playing this event. 2002 was a massive highlight in my career. The focus is on playing at The O2 in front of a great crowd at a beautiful venue.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title