Novak Djokovic explains how he rebuilt serve after elbow surgery

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Novak Djokovic explains how he rebuilt serve after elbow surgery

Kevin Anderson admitted he hasn't seen Novak Djokovic serve that well ever. The Serb made some adjustments to this shot following his elbow surgery in February earlier this year and he is still working on it. 'I feel like I always can improve in that shot,' Djokovic admitted.

'Obviously, glad that my opponents feel like I'm improving in my serve, because it is ultimately the most important shot in the game. I thought I was also backing up the serve with the first shot in the rally very well through the entire week.

That allowed me to kind of protect my service games, win them all so far in the tournament. As I said, it's the ongoing work. There are days when you feel more comfortable, sometimes less comfortable. It's the case with all the shots.

Even though it appears that everything is working, if it works, that you just need to maintain it, but sometimes it's really just things vary and you have to deal with these particular situations.' Commenting on his amazing comeback, Djokovic added: 'I was hoping I'm going to get to this level quite soon after the surgery, but it didn't happen.

There were things that were happening in those period, a few months after surgery, that just taught my a lot about myself, taught me how to be patient. I just had to trust the process and trust that good things take time. Obviously surgery has been done really well.

Obviously I haven't been feeling any pain in the elbow ever since. At the same time it's an invasive treatment, so it did compensate my game and my serve particularly. I had to kind of find confidence and work on my game and try to put things together in the middle of the season.

The season has already started, so... Long story short, here we are. Fast forward five, six months, I'm no. 1 of the world, playing in the finals of the season finale, which is quite amazing. It seemed quite improbable, but I always believed it could happen.

I never thought it was impossible.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title