Fleming on Novak Djokovic's loss: We thought he was going to be perfect

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Fleming on Novak Djokovic's loss: We thought he was going to be perfect

The Sky Sports commentator Peter Fleming admitted he was surprised by Novak Djokovic's ATP Finals loss to Alexander Zverev on Sunday in London. Fleming said: 'We obviously thought that Novak was going to be perfect, we thought that he was going to be unbeatable, and he was for quite a while, but Zverev was a real revelation wasn't he? He stepped up to the plate and played really consistent tennis.

He didn't attempt to go for winners on every ball, which might have been a temptation and he actually outfought Djokovic mentally and physically. That doesn't happen too often. Zverev will play a huge part in the future of tennis - he's a big personality.' Fleming added: 'The tournament took a little while to kick into gear but by the end of the week we were getting some top quality tennis and Djokovic was obviously right up there, but I was so impressed by Zverev.

Two matches in after he lost to Djokovic, he was looking fractious on the court, looking disappointed, frustrated, not quite knowing what to do. But he got his head right for that match with John Isner, and what he did against Federer, to come out and carry that on in the final was awesome - he deserves the title.' Djokovic is enjoying some well-deserved rest at the Maldives, he will start the official 2019 season in Doha.

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