Kosmos CEO: 'Djokovic likes Davis Cup,but an agreement needs to be reached'

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Kosmos CEO: 'Djokovic likes Davis Cup,but an agreement needs to be reached'

Kosmos Tennis CEO Javier Alonso assured that they will try to keep convincing Novak Djokovic to play the Davis Cup final stage in November 2019. Alonso said that Djokovic would like to have a unique World Tennis event featuring ATP Cup and Davis Cup together.

'Novak likes Davis Cup, which means that he would like to play, but the tennis world needs to reach an agreement on several things that are not working', said Alonso, adding that Federations, including Serbia, will get 4.5 times more than the current earnings.

Commenting on the main French players possibly boycotting the Davis Cup next year, Alonso said: 'There are several reasons why there is a negative perception in France. If France hadn't made it to the finals these last few years, the perception there would be different.

France also is a particular case because the French federation is richer, having a Grand Slam, a Masters (event) and many other tournaments. Other federations are not like that. There are some countries that don't want to host matches because they would lose money if they did.' Alonso concluded saying: 'I'm not worried, but we are working to try to show that these changes were needed and that it will be good for the players to come to Madrid and play.

First, we need to know which teams will qualify, then we can start talking to the players to try to convince them. Right now we have a lot of people talking and they may not even qualify.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title