Novak Djokovic made one of the greatest sporting comebacks, says ATP CEO

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Novak Djokovic made one of the greatest sporting comebacks, says ATP CEO

Through a statement, the ATP Chief Executive Chris Kermode praised Novak Djokovic, who ended the year as a world No. 1. 'What Novak has achieved this season has to go down as one of the great sporting comebacks. It’s been a phenomenal return to form that would have been hard to imagine just six months ago.

He fully deserves his return to No.1 in the ATP Rankings and should be incredibly proud of his exceptional season.' Meanwhile, the 1990 and 1991 ATP Finals winner Andrei Cheskonov praised Khachanov's success. The 22-year-old defeated Djokovic at the Paris Masters final.

'Khachanov was helped a lot by his run in the American tournaments. He went through it very well. Then he had an amazing match against Nadal at the US Open, where he could have won. He still had a great experience. He did not win anything, but he played great.

He also played a crazy match against Isner. Djokovic now plays in a great way. It was possible to say before the match that Novak would have 100% won. But Karen is in a great shape. It's a pity that he did not play in the year-end tournament.

There he could have shown what's real tennis is about. He reached a new level. Now only beating Nadal is left for him.' Speaking about Khachanov the first Russian Grand Slam champion Andrei Olkhovsky said: 'Karen event through a lot of emotions in Moscow and Paris.

Undoubtedly, this was the best year in his career and we can expect that in 2019 results will be even better. I think he will consolidate himself in the top 10.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title