Not all the players back Novak Djokovic's thoughts, says ATP Insider

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Not all the players back Novak Djokovic's thoughts, says ATP Insider

In October Novak Djokovic was reelected as the ATP Player's Council until 2020. The Serbian player cares a lot about the decisions that are taken by ATP, and he talks to the major authorities like the Grand Slam Board and ITF as well.

Many other players are a part of the council, but there are some difference on their thoughts. Speaking to We Love Tennis, the Marseille Open Tournament Director Jean François Caujolle said: 'They are not all behind him (Djokovic).

The Serb uses a little bit of the system put in place. He puts some pressure. He has a strong temperament for that. He managed to change some balances. But for example, if we look at his union project, he still has not passed when it's been about a year and a half he's working on it.

In addition, his attitude with the Kosmos group has been very changeable. However, having a player as charismatic and iconic as Novak Djokovic to speak on behalf of his own is not inconsistent. It's better to be him rather than a 50th or 180th player.

Seen from the outside, can not we fear an explosion of the whole system? No, because the people who are at the head of ATP are down to earth. They want to respect the great balances.' Commenting on ATP Cup and Davis Cup having a similar format, Caujolle said: 'It is clear that we are in a little bit confusing stage.

If we take ATP for example, the rules were put in place about thirty years ago in a world that was completely different both economically and sportingly. Today, it is much more violent, there is more money. Before, it was "friendly"; now we have entered a more professional world.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title