Del Potro: 'I speak a lot about injuries with Novak Djokovic'

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Del Potro: 'I speak a lot about injuries with Novak Djokovic'

Juan Martin del Potro has a great relationship with Novak Djokovic. The two had some epic battles together on the tennis court and rhey are great friends off-court as well. They last faced in this year's US Open final with the Serb prevailing in a straight-set final to conquer his 14th Grand Slam title.

'It surprised me that Djokovic would set me as an example for injuries', admitted del Potro. 'It was something very emotional. We spoke a lot about it in the first six months (of the year) because it was the toughest moments, having pain and fears...

In some ways, I regret giving him suggestions because now he is beating everyone (laughter). But he deserves everything, he is a great example.' Commenting on how injuries influenced his career, the Argentinean said: 'I learned to enjoy when I learned to suffer.

In 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, tennis changed me; I enjoy it, I live it, I get emotional like I never did before my injuries. Meeting this strength inside me, this connection with the people. I think it's difficult for high-level sportsmen to make them open the heart.

We are always surrounded by close environments and they try to get us away from off-tennis situations and I think that I broke these barriers. When I had my last wrist surgery and I split with (Franco) Davin (in 2016), I found myself alone and I trusted the people who wanted my wellbeing.

I lived a unique thing in tennis. I remember my match against Wawrinka at the US Open: people made me cry. And my most beautiful week was in Rio, the Brazilian people cheering for me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title