Fognini's father praises Novak Djokovic:'He always gives Fabio suggestions'

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Fognini's father praises Novak Djokovic:'He always gives Fabio suggestions'

Fulvio Fognini praised Novak Djokovic as a person. The world No. 13 Fabio's father said: 'They have a very nice relationship, really. They have been knowing each other since they were 13. Many times I found myself being in the locker room before a match.

He always gives Fabio some suggestions on how to face the opponent or how to handle the match.' Commenting on the NextGen ATP Finals in Milan, Fulvio added: 'It's useless. Out of eight players, seven are already in the top 20 or 50 and they already earn so much money.

And it's ridiculous that the winner gets $400,000. Especially because there are many lowe ranked players who really need money. It's an absolutely useless tournament. What is the sense in making players who already earn more than $1 million a year get involved? I do not follow too much the new generation, but I mostly like Chung, who on some occasions seemed to be a 20-year-old Djokovic.' Fognini also commented on the Italian Next Generation: 'We know each other well, of course, yeah, because we play Davis together.

I mean, not the young one that are coming, Cecchinato only playing once and Berrettini the last one. So we have a good future. I think they could even improve more the ranking. And Matteo is a bit different. He have more power. He could play better than the others he face, I think, because he has a big serve and forehand.

But, you know, now it's too early to say where they're going to be on the ranking, so they have to work a lot. And then, maybe in a few years, we can talk about the ranking or the result of the career.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title