I remember everything about the day of my win over Djokovic - Cecchinato

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I remember everything about the day of my win over Djokovic - Cecchinato

In an interview to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Marco Cecchinato commented on his 2018 season where he reached the French Open semifinals and won his first two ATP career-titles, Budapest and Umag. "Previously I was not a big hard worker, then I understood the importance of staying on the court longer", Cecchinato admitted.

"Now I care about every detail. I faced a lot of sacrifices especially when I left Palermo. But it was worth. Of my job I do not love packing every week and see always the same faces. As a kid I was dreaming to crack the top 100.

But it needs the right head. I reflect on my mistakes, if I am wrong I admit it. I trust my team. And I have a wonderful relationship with my fitness trainer who has been following me since I was seven years old. He is like a second father to me.

I need people who on the job tell me what to do.' Commenting on his gamestyle, the world No. 20 added: 'I like to lead on court and with the forehand I manage to do it. But off too, I do want to have everything under control although I believe in destiny.

Do you remember that in Budapest I won as a lucky loser? There were two places in the draw and two players out of three would have entered. I joined the draw and I win.' He also spoke about his biggest improvement: 'A few years ago my backhand was a nightmare.

Now I am more comfortable and I won many matches thanks to this shot. The match point against Djokovic in Paris was a backhand passing: it seemed that ball would stay in the air forever. I remember everything about that day, every moment, the fear in the fourth set, the ability not just to play good tennis: I only wanted to win.

Heading into the Court I was welcomed by slight applause, Novak from an unbelievable ovation. But then I won.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title