Novak Djokovic: 'We pay attention more to other people's lives than ours'

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Novak Djokovic: 'We pay attention more to other people's lives than ours'

Novak Djokovic believes that a lot of expectations are set on the tennis players and athletes in general. The Serb admitted that breaking through is not easy, even more now. 'Everyone goes through a different way in coping with certain things differently, so you just have to understand yourself on a level on what really is, what are your strengths and your weaknesses, if I can call them that wait or things you can improve', Djokovic said in Doha. 'And work on yourself rather more than anyone else, really.

That is the bottom line. The more quality time and attention and effort that you put into developing yourself as a player and a person, strengthening your character, I guess the more successful your life will be in any way possible, you know.

But nowadays, the society is such that we pay attention more to other people's lives than ours. So, it's quite challenging for young athletes to keep the focus in their own garden, but that's probably one of the most important things.' Commenting on the new season that he is starting in Doha, Djokovic added: 'Just starting the new year with a good intention, good energy, trying to be present, be happy with everything that I have that is happening to me.

You know, I'm obviously very blessed to play tennis. I love this sport. And I keep on striving in a way to accomplish great things and see how far I can really go you know with my career. Obviously, main focus and objectives are Grand Slams.

That's where I want to be able to shine and play my best. And the top ATP tournaments, of course, I will try to play with a full season as I have in the past, but things are different nowadays with two kids and a family.

That is obviously a priority for me. So, I have to always try to find a balance between the two and kind of try to satisfy both the professional needs, but also the private ones.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title