Marian Vajda has brought Novak Djokovic to his best level,says tennis coach

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Marian Vajda has brought Novak Djokovic to his best level,says tennis coach

The International Italian tennis coach Gianluca Carbone believes that Marian Vajda may be the best tennis coach in the world. Speaking to Tennis Italiano, Carbone said: 'There are many ones at a high level: I appreciate Marian Vajda a lot, he managed to bring (Novak) Djokovic back to his best level after a tough time, but it's difficult to indicate the best one because each one has his own qualities.

And then it's the player who often creates the coach: if you are lucky to coach a big guy, becoming a big name as a coach is easier.' Vajda started working with Djokovic in 2006, then in 2017 they split for a year and in 2018 they came back together.

The Serb won two more Grand Slam titles, Wimbledon and US Open. Asked if the on-court coaching should be introduced, Carbone added: 'Yeah. At the US Open, I lived it in the first person and it was a very nice experience, the player feels calmer, I do not say that it seems a team competition, but the player and his team feel closer.

The coaching helps coming up players more than the famous ones because the eye's coach is able to see the defects of a player who is not in his best shape yet.' On his coaching plan, Carbone concluded: 'You have to explain a thing in detail and when it comes to important topics you have to tell if there are scientific studios or just based on your own experience.

I try to have a humble approach: if you manage to understand a player, you can learn unbelievable things. They help you to improve especially if you work with them in Challengers.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title