Defeating Djokovic at Australian Open gave boost to Korean tennis - Chung

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Defeating Djokovic at Australian Open gave boost to Korean tennis - Chung

Hyeon Chung feels that having reached the Australian Open semifinals in Melbourne 12 months ago helped tennis to get more popular in Korea. In that tournament Chung defeated Novak Djokovic in a straight-set fourth round match and then lost to Roger Federer in the semifinals retiring after losing the first two sets.

"Tennis is not a big sport, but after I made it to semis in Melbourne, its popularity has increased,” admitted Chung during the Pune Open this week, explaining the details behind his frequent physical issues: “I had injured my feet and developed a few blisters.

So, I used different shoes in off season in training and also did cardio..Playing five set is tough. I am still improving and learning from big players." Chung also explained why he decided to start his new ATP season in Pune and not in Brisbane, Australia: “I have good memories in Brisbane.

I have played a few times there and it is like my home. This year I am just trying to do something new. 2018 was a really fruitful season. I made a good start by reaching the semi-final of the Australian Open in Melbourne last year.

I have many good memories in the year after that I had a few ups and downs due to injuries. But now I had a very good preseason in Bangkok so looking forward to the great week ahead. Climate is really good here (Pune). It is similar to Melbourne.

I have never played in Pune so it will be a great experience for me." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title