Novak Djokovic explains reasons behind his shoes design in Melbourne

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Novak Djokovic explains reasons behind his shoes design in Melbourne

In an interview on Friday Novak Djokovic explained what the Asics shoes that he will wear at the upcoming Australian Open represent for him. Djokovic revealed the reasons that brought him to make certain choices. “In terms of symbols on the shoes- well that’s something that I’ve had on my previous shoe for the last couple of years and those symbols are there for a reason”, the Serbian player said.

Obviously one of them is my logo, that has been formed or created back in 2011…..not to get into the details…but there’s a lot of…there’s a whole I guess a logbook about you know what it represents.

But to me when I look at it- it represents originality and it reminds me to be original and to be my own best version of myself and not following any kind of other trends or copy anyone but just create my own character on success and be as good as i can be.

" Djokovic, who won the Australian Open title six times including the last one in 2015 defeating Andy Murray in a straight-set final, added: “The other two symbols. One of them- under the left shoe actually, is the Reiki symbol- which means all the energy of the universe is concentrated here and now, and it basically represents all the energy surrounding of the universe being present here and it reminds me to always be very conscious of the moment that I’m in…to try to always be as much as I can (in the) present and give myself 100% in whatever I do and obviously, in this case, its the tennis court because as an individual athlete you really don’t have anybody to rely on.

Except for of-course your team…which is on the side of the court ….but nobody can substitute you if something goes wrong, so its why I think being as close to 100% focused and dedicated and present is crucial for success."

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