John Millman: 'There is a reason why Bautista Agut beat Novak Djokovic'

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John Millman: 'There is a reason why Bautista Agut beat Novak Djokovic'

John Millman suffered a tough five-set second-round loss to Roberto Bautista Agut at the Australian Open on Wednesday. In a press conference, the Australian was asked if he was surprised with Bautista Agut keeping cool after not converting match points in the fourth.

'He's a pretty professional player', recognized Millman. 'He came back, I think a similar thing happened when he played against Andy. Might have had a bit of -- you know, he's a very good player.

There's a reason why he won Doha, beat Djokovic and Berdych on the way, to win that just a week, two weeks ago. Top player, very physical. Well, yeah, it was a tough match, yeah.' Asked if he takes anything from fighting back, saving match points tonight, Millman replied: 'Yeah, not really.

I expect that of myself. I expect to just leave it all on the court. I have high expectations of myself. I was pretty displeased -- and credit to Roberto, he started off pretty well, I probably didn't start off so well. Quite different conditions.

Obviously came to Melbourne quite late from Sydney, due to weather, no one's fault. But came quite late. I had to prepare on the outside courts against Federico Delbonis. I think they're quite a fair bit quicker. Quite slow out there tonight.; Yeah, I think I probably struggled to find my timing early on.

Credit to Roberto, he came out of the gates playing some great tennis. Yeah, it took me a while to find my feet, get used to probably drastically different conditions.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title